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Map Of The Drunkest States In America During The Summer

Map Drunkest States In America During The Summer Imgur VinePair


Check out how our drinking changes throughout the summer — hint…we really know how to celebrate our independence. The map you can see here is an average for all three summer months, June to August.

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Texas, Florida, and California are among the least drinkers?!

I call bull... Now let me welcome everybody to the wild wild west...

I live in Kentucky. I'm not drunk year round. 

Thank you Stacy for chiming in!

I *knew* that was an exaggeration and now we have proof!

I apologize for casting aspersions, Stacy!  It seems I was representing my own state of Florida.

Well then cheers to Florida!

Admittedly, I'm a little happy my summer cocktail would be a Shaken Sunburn. 

That does sound like a great name for a cocktail. :)

I know for a FACT Kentucky is full of drunks year round.

How do you know that? And how's Florida?

Everybody knows about Kentucky.

Florida is on bath salts.

Drunks, bath salts... I for one look forward to the state where marijuana reigns. 

And then there's this. 

what is your summer cocktail name meme imgur tumblr facebook

Which states have the most dry counties?

Red communities on this map are dry, and yellow are mixed:

List of dry communities by U.S. state - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Blue are wet. 

Found that on Wikipedia:

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