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"True Detective" Season 2: Welcome to Vinci

True Detective' Season 2 Episode 1 Roundtable: The Western Book of the Dead Imgur The Atlantic

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As a viewer, I'm already fairly brutalized by the first episode of S2:

I hope that I’m wrong, and that something’s going to happen later in the season to subvert the cliché of the tortured officers using their personal gaping wounds to help solve horrific crimes, but then again, the show is called True Detective. So let’s focus on the good. How brilliant was Colin Farrell’s 180 from caring dad to maniacal nightmare? How scary were his eyes when the lawyer asked him if they’d ever caught the man who’d raped his wife? I loved the percussive interludes between scenes where the drums sounded like a beating heart and the freeways looked like veins crossing each other. And it’s wonderful to have a woman be part of the action this season, even if said woman isn’t Oprah, or Blue Ivy, or Rory Gilmore.

Yeah, I thought "tortured officers using their personal gaping wounds to help solve horrific crimes" is what this show is all about!

It's amazing how many memorable scenes there were in just one episode.

See what I mean?

A tiny naked woman floating in a bowl of milk. A giant black eagle riding shotgun in a Cadillac. A murdered corrupt bureaucrat with a kinky streak who died of a “massive pelvic wound” and had his eyes burned out with acid.

It’s only the first episode of True Detective Season 2, and things are already getting pretty weird.

True Detective really seems to be channeling Twin Peaks.