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Watch John Oliver's Epic Takedown of the Confederate Flag

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Well that didn't take long.  Down it comes! 


They're taking it down?

Everywhere in South Carolina?

At the State House building.

Interviews suggested that Ms. Haley’s rapidly evolving position on the flag was shaped by several factors: the horror of seeing the unsmiling gunman posing with it in photos; her conversations with congregants at the church; intensifying pressure from South Carolina business leaders to remove a controversial vestige of the state’s past; and calls from leaders of her own party, including its leading presidential contenders, urging her to take it down once and for all.

That's a start. The universities would be good to do so too. 

Reddit mostly ignored the video above in favor of this video about online harassment:

1800 Reddit comments:

Well, it IS so much more relevant.  :)

They're both relevant and frankly sad to have to rant about these in 2015. 

Yes, very sad.  It'a difficult to remain optimistic about the future of the internet sometimes.

The only way things change for the better is if people like us stay. 

LOL at "kayaking buddies".

That euphemism has legs. 

Like "women in comfortable shoes".

Chris Rock Show on the Confederate Flag in 1999:

Reddit comments:

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