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What Do Romantic Aliens See at the End of Their Alien Days?

What Do Romantic Aliens See at the End of Their Alien Days Facts So Romantic Nautilus


When it comes to exoplanets, reality is catching up with science fiction. Take Kepler-16b, a Saturn-size planet roughly 200 light-years from Earth that circles not just one star but a pair of stars. Nicknamed Tatooine, after the fictional home planet of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, this world must see sunsets that are twice as breathtaking.

Every evening the two suns, which are never far apart in the sky, will set one after the other in a dazzling display. Although it’s easy to picture two hazy red stars dipping below the horizon, astronomers remain unsure if these stars do in fact appear red. And on other exoplanets, “some of these sunsets would actually not look exactly like they do on Earth,” says Paul Anthony Wilson, an astronomer at the Paris Institute of Astrophysics. “They would be quite different in color.”

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I for one welcome other colored sunsets. 

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