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Dad Being a Badass Sunflower in Garden Warfare 1080p

Source: YouTube Video

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Nice. One day these videos will be in 4K. 

You have to make sure your settings are in 1080 using the little gearbox on the bottom right, otherwise Youtube puts everything in the worst possible resolution.  

Chrome and Firefox have plugins to make sure it never downscales. 

I guess YouTube does that to save bandwidth?

I guess so.  Somebody should make a 4k only Youtube like service.

Is there enough content to support such a service right now?

It's still hard for me to find good 4K content. 

You betcha.   It's a severely under-served market with extremely high demand.  

Well then it's a really good idea. 

I'm still struggling to get my 4K video subreddit off the ground:

I need to plunk some cash into a 4k monitor.  I think 4k streaming is still really early.  4k downloads--people are more than happy to do that.   The bottom line is, people just want to see the really high quality content and understand waiting for it.  Youtube isn't quite/very supportive of the format yet.  They need a "native" viewer or something that's an install. 

I think Youtube 4k on TV is going to be the early adopter.

Yeah, me too. I wonder which 4k monitor is worth getting.