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U.S. Foreign Policy: Is spreading democracy in the Middle East a bad idea? - Quora

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Today I learned that not even Quora can decide if it's a bad idea. 

Compared to all of this, there is conversation is now that the world was wrong for wanting to spread democracy in place of, well, everything I citied above. "The Middle East has a right to govern how it wishes and America is wrong for wanting them to stop governing through the absolute terror and forced subjugation of the vast majorities of their people." That is because a deep level understanding of the Middle East is lacking in most people of Western culture who, ironically, have no fear of opening their mouths on the subject. Most of them have just as vehement opinions on net neutrality, vaccines, deforestation, militarization of the police, civil inequality, violence in video games, and gay and lesbian rights. Anyone who has fought for any of these causes hard knows that they couldn't possibly be an expert on any two of these, and that the majority of people who just drift in and out of these discussions do more harm than good. They build their arguments with bad facts, naive beliefs, and profound ignorance of the actual solutions necessary to solve problems.

This same force is driving the anti-democracy, anti-America rhetoric in Western culture: ignorance of the Middle East and how fundamentally horrible it is for all the people who are so repressed, they can't get on the internet. Seriously, who said that the Middle East doesn’t have a right to govern how it wishes? Stable democracies just want everyone in the Middle East to get to govern how they wish. Yes, you can find examples of people who live well over there. I can find examples of many more who can't and it takes some pretty big blinders to ignore those several hundred million people when a relative few cry out for how great it is to be Middle Eastern. Don't think that last point is valid? You think your opinion of the Middle East matters?

That's just silly.  I'm going to have to go with Harvard, Stanford, and UCI's International Studies on this one.  Democratic countries engage in less wars, are unlikely to murder their own citizens, create more economic wealth, ensure more natural rights, and have increased happiness and health.   The only people who would subscribe to not democratizing any place on earth are pessimistic realists who buy into the status quo.

And there are apparently a lot of pessimistic realists out there. 

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