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Staffing Talk on The Nerd Who Falls in Love with the Robot Princess

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The entire article is a summary  of the movie.  What struck me when reading it was basically the last paragraph.  I started out as an IT consultant over 17 years ago, then transitioned my one man shop into a staffing/consulting company.  There is a tremendous amount of inefficiency that can be siphoned out with some intelligent automation.  

The last paragraph:

Nathan's plan is to reduce humanity to an inferior species if not eliminate it altogether. For him, it's all a matter of inevitable evolution. He's just a catalyst.

For staffers and recruiters worrying about the loss of jobs to robots in contemporary society, Ex Machina is a horror flick through and through.

It's a good question -- what will be the role of humans as the robots get smarter?

Someone needs to hit Ctrl-Alt-Del.

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