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What it's like vacationing on a Greek island right now? There's one ATM, it's empty.

A Greek island during the debt crisis What life is like right now on Agistri where the ATM is empty and everything is no problem


Because on the streets in Agistri, it’s “No problem, no problem. For you? No problem.” Even though many places on the island aren’t taking credit cards. Even though banks are shuttered for the week. Even though this place was a whirring circus before the weekend, and now it’s all quiet streets, lonely lit-up tavernas, and cafés facing empty-beach-chair beaches.

 “Of course the people are worried. They don’t show it,” says Maglis Foller, a Swede who has been coming to Agistri for years and used to have a house here. “We asked the taxi driver ‘Will the bank be closed tomorrow?’—we knew it from the news—and he said ‘Oh, no, everything is normal.’ ”

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