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Dubai announces world’s first 3D-printed office building, and it looks amazing

Dubai announces world s first 3D printed office building and it looks amazing ScienceAlert


It’s not just the futuristic-looking externals of the building that are going to be 3D-printed, either; the plan is for all interior elements including furniture and structural components to also be produced via the same technology, which the building’s backers claim “will make it the most advanced, fully functional 3D printed building to date”.

The project, a completion date for which has not yet been announced, is set to be printed in layers by a 3D printer measuring some 6.1 metres tall, with the individual components subsequently assembled on site “in a matter of weeks”.

By utilising 3D printing in place of conventional construction techniques, the building’s engineers project significant savings in time and costs, with estimated 50 to 70 percent reduced production times, 50 to 80 percent reduced labour costs and 30 to 60 per cent reduced construction waste.

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The title is hyperbole but it happens to be right. This is amazing!

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