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How to Use a Journal for the Purpose of Self Reflection

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What's the main takeaway here?

You can reshape your thoughts through writing. I like the author's categories:

How do you feel? By nutting out your feelings, you are actually giving them a voice and means of being cleansed. Afterward, your heart will feel lighter and clearer. You will be closer to understanding yourself, and be able to voice your feelings and needs with others—a step in the right direction. 
What do you need to do? Writing about your course of action helps to solidify it, giving it a body. The path you are to take already exists in writing. You can begin to walk your path with confidence and wisdom. 
Brain storm! Feeling stuck? Short of ideas? Brainstorming can be a valuable process for thinking outside the box. Jot down every idea you can think of that you might like to explore—you will soon narrow down the things that are important to you. 
Visions. Where do you see yourself in the future? Write down the things that you want to happen—they don’t need to be material things, but virtues or qualities you wish to develop. 
Who inspires you? Why do they inspire you? Can you pinpoint what attributes they have that you may like to become more aware of in yourself? 
 What am I grateful for? Gratitude is a totally positive thought pattern that brings you happiness. I have found that it helps to keep boredom and selfishness at bay.

Yeah, those are good, though I think it's more helpful to pick one category and write a little each day than to bounce back and forth between categories and not write a little every day. 

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