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MinuteEarth on Microbial Transfers aka Poop Transplants

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Reddit comment:

This video explains a new and very interesting medical discovery to help cure C-diff. C-diff occurs when a certain bacteria in your colon that can reproduce quicker than the others, so often times it overtakes the other essential bacterias, and people get sick from this. In the past, they would try to cure it with antibiotics, which works for some people but for others it gets rid of the bacteria you are trying to grow instead of the overrunning bacteria. One in thirty Americans die because of this. The new method is called a fecal transplant and is sort of like a blood transfusion. Basically they take someone's poop, who has normal Bacteria balance, and put in in the other person to flush out the excess bacteria and return the levels to normal.

the statistics in the studies show that .966 of the time antibiotics works well enough that the person doesn't die, but then they say that  .861 of the time the poop transplant allowed the person to recover.  This would be easier to compare if they stated the fraction of cases that recover completely from antibiotics as well.

Agreed. I have never seen that number published.