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Monsters and men: Field Manual mobilizes BigFoot Seekers

Bigfoot has been searched for many years but this book may lead people to the truth!

bigfoot gif sasquatch imgur tumblr  Is Bigfoot real? ✔️✖️❓

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There has only been one prominent Bigfoot sighting since 1967:

Either Bigfoot is great at hiding or Bigfoot is not real.

What do you believe?

Not real or there would be more evidence. 

I think the legend we all here about isn't real but the actual idea of Bigfoot could be totally real with a genetic mutation while the mating of animals or two animals with different number of chromosomes could mate and make a "Bigfoot". Over 30% of animals are not discovered. I saw the folk tales are fake but an actual "Bigfoot" could be real in un explored parts of the world.

Do you believe in any cryptozoology?

Crytozoology infographic

I belive in all of them, just not what they are made up to be, well not atleast all of them. Some I believe in 100%. Others, ehhhh......not so much.

I believe there are scientific explanations for all of these. 

And I also believe that we humans believe what we want to believe. :)

Believing is seeing or is seeing is believing? XD

Polar express

I think believing is seeing Becuase if you believe in something you will see it. I beilive this beacause that is what God said, he told that if you belive in something hard will see it. I think people should live by this, if people actually believed in, I dont know, saving animals for instance, they would see animals being saved. As for seeing is beiliving, if you see something, optical illusions for instance, you see a picture moving and you belive it is moving but it really isn't.

I agree with you: If you believe it, you will see it.

This is a great thing about humans by the way. 

It helps us get through difficult times, and it helps us make big breakthroughs. 

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