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Confessions Of A U.S. Navy Submarine Officer

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I don't go to hackathons any more, because I learned the hard way that within 24 hours every space occupied by a group of young men will smell like boy's socks AT BEST. Now imagine being on a SUBMARINE with a bunch of boys. But I have friends who were submariners and I am generally pleased that someone (other than me) is willing to brave the horrors of close quarters in a large metal tube to stealthily creep around the oceans of the world gathering intelligence.

I got to tour the USS Dallas, the submarine in the movie.  It was a fun experience and didn't smell like socks.  We saw the nuke reactor.  Also they had all the sonar and signals machines covered up, but I got a chance to talk to their signals guys.  One thing that amazed me is the computing technology.  They have the ability to rebuild any computer system they have on the sub completely.  We also got to walk along the top and bang hammers on the hull.  

That DOES sound amazing!!! I'd love to visit a submarine, just fear the living conditions :) Panda and I visited the USS Midway aircraft carrier in San Diego once, which is vastly roomier than a submarine... but they STILL had bunks built around the missile tubes! What is the hull made of, that they'd let you whale away on it with hammers!??!

So is the main takeaway of the article that many men are pigs?

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