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Design Process Insights at Asana Vol. 1 (Crit) — Medium

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How to gather design feedback

This was my main takeaway:

I put the designs on the table and proceeded to explain them. I was cut off halfway through — someone recommended me not to explain every single bit, but just introduce the screen and what the view was, with a couple of sentences.

This first point makes a lot of sense if you think of the common user’s experience. You can’t rely on explaining the UI to the user; the UI should be as self-explanatory as possible. If the designs work there’s little to explain.

The second point was getting the feedback. It was strange because it challenged all my instincts. In feedback sessions I had at previous companies, I felt like I had to fight and defend my designs. During Crit at Asana, the point is not to defend your designs. That way, the spectators’ impressions are true and honest, and valuable just as they are. The concept is not to bring others around to your way of thinking, but to gather input.

Not to be a hater BUT... it's a little hard to take a UX thing seriously when it has THE SINGLE WORST TITLE I have ever seen, even amongst Medium titles which are always shitty!!! USER EXPERIENCE MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!?!?

+1 for Sam Jackson impersonation. I needed that in my life right now, how did you know? ;-)

LOL. I bet even Asana would get a chuckle from that observation. 

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