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Growing Underground farms greens in forgotten tunnels below London

Growing Underground farms greens in forgotten tunnels below London

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The "world’s first underground urban farm" is set to start selling herbs and salads grown 33 m (108 ft) below the streets of London. Growing Underground is based in disused World War II tunnels. At less than two miles from the city-center, it promises farm-to-fork produce in less than four hours.

This is awesome. Can this be done anywhere? In the country too? In outer space?

You know what other green stuff you can grow down there with just artificial light?

Hydroponic... stuff!

Super Green!

The location allows for all year round urban farming, as it's unaffected by weather and seasonal changes. It is a pesticide-free environment and the hydroponics system employed is said to use 70 percent less water than traditional open-field farming. Likewise, the lighting and irrigation systems mean the crops can be grown with very little energy. What energy is used is sourced only from green suppliers.

So this technique will be useful as climate continues to change. 

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