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We Asked Foreign Vice Offices What They Think About America

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We love you too, Australia!

In Australia, the term "American" is literally used to describe anyone or anything that's a bit too confident, open, or optimistic. Friendly waiters, big celebrations in sports, talking about yourself like you're not a complete pile of shit—these all qualify as American things to do and generally aren't encouraged.

On the other hand, Australia likes America so much that a recent video in which American nobodies try our national breakfast spread has been viewed over 8 million times. Our total population is around 21 million, so that's a lot Aussies who care a lot about what you guys see us.

Why do we care? Mainly because every time you talk about us, it's like our favorite TV show is breaking the fourth wall and communicating directly through the screen. You're the cooler, more confident version of us that we deep down wish we could be.

Australians pride ourselves on being laid back and no bullshit, but that's only because we know we can't compete with you guys in the bullshit stakes. We'd love to talk engagingly for hours on end about nothing in particular, but we can't. Put an average Aussie on camera and you'll get a sweaty uncomfortable mess. Point a camera at an American and you'll get an Apatow movie.

What's the Australian version of Murica? 


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