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Your tea addiction may actually be strengthening your bones.

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Women rejoice! (Men did not see the same benefits.)

A new study offers yet another compelling reason to drink tea: bone health.

Tea consumption correlates to higher bone mineral density (BMD) in women, and especially premenopausal women, a new report accepted for publication in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition found. (BMD is a measure of calcium and other minerals in bones, and is a common measure of bone health, an indicator of osteoporosis, and a gauge for the risk of a bone fracture.)

The researchers reviewed epidemiological studies from all over the world, finding a correlation between tea consumption and higher BMD in postmenopausal women in Canada and England, as well as women in Taiwan, Iran, Japan, and Australia. The study in England, for example, found that the postmenopausal women consuming tea had approximately 5% higher BMD at all three bone sites measured than those who were not tea drinkers. It also found that there was no difference in BMD rates for those who consumed one to three cups versus four or more cups each day, and that adding milk to the tea did not change the correlation.

This is good news!

I think so too! I'm always looking for excuses to drink more tea. 

I'm a big tea drinker with osteopenia, I'll take bone growth/retention anywhere I can get it ;)

The thing I can't tell from the study is whether any particular tea is best. 

Sounds like they're all good. 

Tea, especially lower quality tea, is a relatively high source of flouride -- to the point that intake needs to be restricted in order to stay under recommended levels.  As I understand it flouride intake can cause significant increases in bone mineral density, but these increases will not correspond to strength.  e.g. see

Thank you for sharing this information, Three Pipe.

A reminder both to stick to higher quality tea and to not expect too much from tea!

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