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What If Money Was No Object? by Alan Watts

Source: YouTube Video

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Great little reminder of what's worth living for!

[Side note for Grammar Nerds:  as he says, grammatically correctly in his lovely British accent, "What  if money WERE no object?"  -- Just a little lesson in the subjunctive tense!]

I like your grammar correction! :)

Thanks, Adam!  That stuff drives me crazy!   --Like chalk on a chalkboard!  ... always happy to help!

I would be happy if you changed the title of this page even though Mr Watts has a different title. :)

Top Reddit comment:

The problem with the video is that it doesn't really explain just how much it takes to truly follow your passion. I went to music school and following your passion meant finding time in your day to practice 4-8hrs a day every single day, and it was extremely hard if you didn't come from money. Some do it while working part time jobs, others do it by choosing to live in extreme poverty. I had a friend who practiced from 11pm to 3am every day because between school, part-time job, gigs, that's the only time she had time to practice.

The video also doesn't really take into account the downside to following your passion too. A lot of my musicians friends are divorced and their family is a huge mess because their work requires so much of their time, and they have very little time to spare for their family. Some people are literally touring 300 days out of the year.

I may be generalizing here, but when I look at really successful people who followed their passions, they tend to be type of people who's got nothing else going on for them except that one thing. They sacrificed most of what we experienced as human being to get there, like doing the things teenagers normally do, or raising a family. In some ways they are completely miserable if it wasn't for that one thing in their lives. I think it's perfectly normal, to make concessions along the way to balance your life between your passion and other things. One of my favorite jazz pianist turned down an opportunity to tour with Miles Davis because he was just starting a family at that time and touring would be serious strain on raising a family. He decided to choose a low-profile life, and as far as I know he was pretty happy with it.

142 Reddit comments:

Thanks again, Adam!  Yes, I agree with the above comment.  In fact,  I ALMOST added a comment here & on Twitter with some qualification like "if you can do that while preventing your own homelessness in the meantime."  In a way, he seems blind to the fact that following his advice is really a luxury that many cannot afford.  And of course, this is just partly why I am so passionately progressive politically.

He's more interested in painting a picture than telling people how to get there from here. 

Animation made by South Park creators incorporates an Alan Watts' lecture:

This is so true for many creatives, (artists, inventors, etc.)

The video basically reminds me the industrial age equation towards education, success and money is off. And challenges us to continually ask the question, what if "your idea of security" (aka money) were no object... but instead focus on purpose, how you define success? And then how do you sustain balance toward fulfillment.

I am always struck by this because as I help people develop dreams, it seems irresponsible to me without empowering them with passive income strategies to support them as need be. 

Some people are working two full time jobs and have an idea for something that could change the world. 

I resonate with the reddit comment, I was immersed in a community of artistry at the FAME High School in NY. We have notable examples of creative success, but there are even more example of those who found success by defining it along with the balance of sustaining their lives and families, along with creativity. And there are those from the reddit comment as well. 

I remember when I went to my High School for my artistic ability and was told to get a "real" job. We have lived through an age where artist have very real jobs and creatives have shifted how we do business.

My sense is that its the disruptive innovation and changing business models are the real drivers for potential homelessness for many along with the lack of a strong financial literacy. 

Wait.. does he literally say " its all retch and no vomit?" 2:40 -2:44  oh the imagery....

Oh the imagery!

I think it helps to know that this won't be easy or comfortable. 

Most worthwhile endeavors are not easy or comfortable. 

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