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10 signs that may indicate you were born a mystic

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For a mystic, the divine is in every aspect of her life, and she is contacted by the Universe every single day, perhaps every moment. Every impulse the mystic sees as divine direction. She sees all the strings and how it’s all connected to significance in her life and the lives of others. The mystic also is dedicated to serving others, as she sees the connections and is able to guide people, whether through obstacles, relationships, or critical life decisions. Clearly, such intuition and connection cannot be simply taught or learned, but must come from within. This is why not everyone is a mystic, and this is also why not everyone who is a mystic may know what they really are. They must be awakened to their calling. 

I had to click through to find the definition of mystic.

The definition of a mystic is a person who tries to gain religious or spiritual knowledge through prayer and deep thought. However, according to traditional thought, mysticism isn’t faith, belief, principle or dogma. A mystic has to be born to have this innate gift of a certain temperament and outlook on life. It’s a very complicated term, and is often hard to explain in simple words.

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