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A Long Walk's End

A Long Walk s End SBNation com


The amount of money he is accused of taking could unleash a man from most things that hold him in place. The world bows to that amount of money. You could pay the toll on any of life’s roads. You could step through any of life’s doors. What would you do with that freedom?

Sip cool drinks in the shade on a beach in Mexico and feel small before the Pacific Ocean? Pay a plastic surgeon to change your appearance, plant a young and willing blonde on your elbow and drive a Bugatti across Europe? Or find a quiet spot and live an unassuming and comfortable life off the stash?

James T. Hammes, aka Bismarck, apparently did none of those things.

James T. Hammes went hiking.

On the Appalachian Trail.

For six years.

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Six years of hiking sounds very Forrest Gump. :)

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