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Elon Musk appearing teary eyed over Neil Armstrong reaction to SpaceX on 60 Minutes

Teary eyed Elon at 12:04... "I was sad to hear that because those guys are heroes of mine."

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"I wish they would come and see the hard work we've been doing"

:( This is so sad. Looks like a kid trying to win the approval of his parents. "hey look what I did, are you proud of me?"

scheme_milk :

<<Let's see...

  1. bullied severely as a child
  2. billionaire
  3. super smart
  4. makes high-tech rockets and cars
  5. dissapointed by his childhood heroes

Yep, gonna turn into a super villain now. >>

Actually, he's more like a real life Iron Man.

And Geege, you're right, so sad!

In the last (?) Iron Man, a scientist became evil because he was rejected by Tony Stark earlier in his life.

That's also the plot of The Incredibles. I hope Elon Musk does not become a bad guy. 

But his name is kinda perfect for a villain.  Just sayin'.

Also kinda perfect for the secret identity of a superhero, like Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne.

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