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"I'm not famous, but I have an outsized audience." ~ @ginatrapani

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Anyone who has Twitter and a blog can get addicted to the approval of strangers.

Gina Trapani talks about the downside of being Internet Famous:

Everyone thinks they want a million Twitter followers and a million pageviews a day on their blog and the incredible high that it must be to walk around in the world knowing you're "internet famous." Yes, being famous among dozens has its privileges, but it also has a flip side netizens rarely discuss.

Gina lists some of the downsides of an outsized audience:

  1. You field a weekly flood of pitches.

  2. People who don't know you make wildly inaccurate assumptions about things you say.

  3. You forget how to share with people who do know you.

  4. You get addicted to the approval of strangers.

  5. Your view of the world gets skewed.

  6. You're a spam magnet and a troll target.

Then why not give it up? Gina says, "Ultimately the advantages of an outsized audience outweigh the crappy parts for me."

Just remember what Danny O'Brien once said,

"Bloggers are famous enough to have stalkers, but not famous enough to have bodyguards."

So let's be careful out there.

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