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Puppies meet Kittens for the first time...

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This whole Imgurian thread: "Oh no. My brovaries."

It's SO OBVIOUS that the puppies think the kittens are just like them, whereas the kittens think the puppies are total aliens!

Yeah, there's also an extrovert vs introvert vibe going on.

Yes! And I love how the kitten runs away!

fluffy tabby cat what the f I'm outta here gif imgur tumblr PandaWhale

that cat gif is hilarious, adam!!

Yeah, it's one of my new favorites. :)

The BuzzFeed viral video of the day today is toddlers using profanity. 

They have no shame. 

I just remembered that Jimmy Fallon did the kittens meet puppies thing first:

The video atop the page is from BuzzFeed yesterday. 

This one is from Jezebel in Oct 2014:


Fifteen million views on FB ....

The buzzfeed one or the Jezebel one?

BuzzFeed Oz.

They're so good at taking other peoples' ideas and getting lots of video views from them. 

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