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Manatee Meets Woman

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She does not seem happy to see the manatee. 

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Living on almost any canal in Florida means these things will beg for petting and grass trimmings at the sea wall. It's stupid how friendly they are. This of course leads to them getting injured and people getting in trouble.

Like a giant sea puppy.

Sea potato*

Don't talk about your mother that way

i'm surprised the manatee stuck around with all that screaming!

they are sweet.  we used to live on a canal here in florida and they would come right up to check us out on our dock.  i was swimming in the water and they came up to me like they did with this girl... they felt HUGE next to me!  i can see why she was scared, but still....  :)

Geege LOL. 

Emily apparently they don't mind screaming. They are gentle giants. 

Manatees and Alligators: Florida's Odd Couple

uh oh, i feel a children's book coming on!!

the manatees chase the alligators playfully?

"one nice morning, i came out on the dock..." 3:42

Seems like a good friend story. The manatee and the alligator. :)

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