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girl freaking out over a flu shot

the fun kicks in at 33 seconds.

this cracked me up.

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Fascinating how many emotions she goes through. 

Reddit did not have much to say about this one:

it really IS fascinating.  all those ramped emotions looks like so much work to experience!!

i like it when she bucks up at 0:39 and says with a smile, "yeah yeah!" and then immediately, "oh my god!"

she looks like she's about to faint at three different points!

the nurse's final comment was perfect.  :)

Yes, thank you nurse!

The whole range of emotions means the poor girl must be emotionally exhausted by the end of this.

i'll bet she napped during the car ride home.

haha!  hilarious page!

How many other hilarious pages have I made over the years that you have not seen yet?

Hundreds. Maybe a thousand. :)

Remember this one?

And this one?

hahaha!  they're all so good...  it sort of pains me to know how much funny stuff is out there that i'll never have the time to see!

classic ellipsism!

Remind me what ellipsism is in your own words? :)

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