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Adronitis is one of 10 odd emotions you might have experienced.

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Today I Learned 10 new words. This one is my favorite:

7. Enouement.

Have you ever wished that you could go back in time and tell your past self about the future? This is enouement. When something has turned out well, you recall how your younger self worried about it, and you wish that you could go back and let your younger self know that things will turn out OK.

I had always wondered what that was! Now I know!! Thanks :-) :-) 

You are very welcome!

never heard this word!  and so close to denouement, one of my favorites!

Is denouement the opposite?

a denouement is the wrapping up of a story, when all the loose ends come together.  maybe the denouements of our life's stories is what prompts enouement. 

I like the thought that they are connected. 

I've often wanted to tell my younger self that things were going to turn out okay.

We are all our younger selves, each and every day.

Geege, that's deep.

and our oldest selves, each and every day...

Emily, I had to think twice about that. Deep. 

I always wondered what to call this.

10. Fugue state.

This last one is a psychological condition in which the individual moves about and speaks, but without conscious awareness. Fugue states can be alcohol or drug induced, where an individual has no memory of his or her actions.

Walter White faked one.

Good reference! And good point. 

I've seen people experience this one.

5. Adronitis.

This is a sense of frustration experienced when meeting a new and interesting person, but realizing how long it is going to take to develop the relationship fully. You want the relationship to develop quickly, but you know it won’t. Research on relationships suggests that one mechanism for developing closeness is reciprocal self-disclosure, i.e. successively revealing personal information to each other, which takes some time.


Relationships are progressions. They take a long time to build!

definitely felt this one!  it sounds like a disease that can be cured with penicillin. ;)

Oh yeah, because of the ITIS it does sound like a disease. 

I feel Adronitis a lot. 

adronitis, n. 

frustration with how long it takes to get to know someone—spending the first few weeks chatting in their psychological entryway, with each subsequent conversation like entering a different anteroom, each a little closer to the center of the house—wishing instead that you could start there and work your way out, exchanging your deepest secrets first, before easing into casualness, until you’ve built up enough mystery over the years to ask them where they’re from, and what they do for a living.


Now 1 of 23 emotions.

23 emotions people can feel, but can't explain - Imgur

Imgur comments:

Different version of 23 emotions people feel but cannot explain:

23 Emotions People Feel But Can t Explain Damn LOL


I experience sonder on long road trips. I wonder about the lives of the people I share the road with over many miles. 

Sonder is the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own.

I feel it too.

Sonder fills me with wonder.

The word was coined by John Koenig:

See also:

Liberosis, anyone?

I know this feeling.

6. Liberosis.

The desire to care less about things. As we mature into adults, we take on more and more responsibilities. Liberosis is the feeling you get when you wish you could be a child again, without cares and concerns.

The desire to give no fucks is strong but rarely strong enough.

Strong enough for what? To regress to a childhood state?

Strong enough to reduce fucks to a manageable state.  For some that might demand regression.

I take it you have seen my subreddit:


You are welcome there any time. 

I love this feel :) 

That's good to hear. I'm going to work harder to not drive that feel away when I have it. 

Here's a tutorial from your subreddit:


i picture this coming out of hermione, wand in hand, perhaps to free someone else:  "liberosis!"

That's a great visual that I won't be able to get out of my head. 

I want to end on a good note. :)

4. Chrysalism.

Have you ever had a sense of warmth, peace, and tranquility when you are warm and dry inside the house during an intense rainstorm? This experience could be likened to feeling like you are back in the womb, and so has been labeled "Chrysalism."

One of my favorite feels for sure.

Is this that feeling in the Pina Colada song of getting caught in the rain?

that sounds like a word i may or may not have coined already!

It does seem like your kind of word. 

3. Ellipsism

This is the term given to a sense of sadness one experiences when realizing that one won’t live to see the future. For example, an elderly person may be sad because he won’t get to see a newborn baby age into adulthood.

this is how i feel about all the funny stashes you have that i may never have time to explore!

Emily I hear you!

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