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One simple change improved all of my relationships: Keeping my phone in my pocket until I'm alone.

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TL;DR If you put the phone away until you're alone, people will like you more and you'll get more done.

Although even the author admits how difficult this is to do! Tricks to make it happen:

I turn my phone off if I know I'm about to be with other people.

I stow my phone in my bag, rather than my pocket, so it's harder to access.

I pretend I'm playing a game in which I get money for every phone-free interaction.

I remind myself of the long-term gratification of building better relationships.

Putting my phone away in my pocket means I value the person over the phone. I like it 

Yes! I like it, too.

Studies show using your phone around someone else makes you seem less trustworthy and less empathetic.

In addition, even having a phone in view hurts our relationships — whether you check it or not.

According to the scientists who conducted the study, "Cell phones may serve as a reminder of the wider network to which we could connect," which leads to "lower relationship quality and less closeness."

The take-away: Putting away your phone will help deepen your relationships.

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