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Climate change: Controversial 'cloud brightening' project proposed for Moss Landing

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Can't help but wonder whether any of these eminent dudes have seen that movie _Snowpiercer_?

This does sound nutballs.

SUNNYVALE -- A team of elder Silicon Valley scientists is building an audacious device that might solve one of humanity's most profound dilemmas -- a "cloud whitener" designed to cool a warming planet.

The men -- retired physicists, engineers, chemists and computer experts from some of Silicon Valley's top tech companies -- have been meeting four days a week for seven years in the Sunnyvale lab of the Marine Cloud Brightening Project to design a tool that creates perfectly suspended droplets of water resembling fog.

Their goal is to launch the nation's first open-air field trial of controversial "geoengineering" at a still-unidentified site in Moss Landing. There, they would test the ability of an energy-efficient machine to hurl tiny seawater droplets into a graceful trajectory -- the first step of a research project to boost the brightness of clouds to reflect rays of sunlight back into space.

Actually what's that movie with the old astronauts? Space Cowboys? Armageddon? This might be more like that. In which case it's HELLA COOL, OLD GUYS!

Those are both good movies. 

Armageddon is Bruce Willis, Space Cowboys is Clint Eastwood.

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