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iPhone4 Death Grip Antenna bug is back after ios6 upgrade

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I bought an iphone4 a long time ago. I had some major issues with the bluetooth not working with my wife's Sync system in her car and my long trusty earpiece from Motorola. Apparently the bluetooth chipset in the iphone4 wasn't ready to play nice with either. I finally just gave up using bluetooth.

In addition, I had very poor call quality in my house to the point I bought a pico-cell from ATT and ran it for a while over my Internet connection.

Apple ended up sending me a free iphone4 cover, and I didn't really think about it since then. I was always able to make calls on my iphone4 in my house.

About 4 months ago my iphone4 cover disintegrated. I just threw it out, but whatever software fix they had seemed to be working as for 4 months, I've been able to make and take calls in my office or my upstairs with no problem and without the cover.

Fast forward to this morning. I update to ios6? 100% poor call quality audio exactly the same as before.

It looks like they "unfixed" the Death Grip iphone4 bug with ios6. 0 for 5 phone calls today

Are they fn kidding me??

Is the lesson not to trust AT&T?

Is the lesson not to trust Apple?

Or is there another lesson?

I kind of looked at it as a software engineering issue...if that's what's really happening here. I just find it odd that I didn't have antenna problems up until I upgraded, but now I have it on every single call.

Yeah, it does sound like the software is the culprit.

Well it doesn't stop there. Two more issues:

1) Ye old iphone4 and 4s perspective software bug is back. Any video shot with the phone sideways and the up-volume button up--the button which you can use as a hardware shortcut to start and stop the video--will result in upside down videos when copied to a PC. Before the ios6 update, the video was working correctly, right-side up. After the ios6 update, it wasn't. This is a previous fixed bug. I perused the apple forums and their response to blame the users and insult users for not following a not-good-enough solution is atrocious. They are saying that just because their fix from the previous bug has crept back in, Microsoft should fix mediaplayer to change it, even though it's Apple that broke it. Arrogance personified.


3) This just keeps getting worse and worse. My iphone stopped showing up in my mobile devices under my computer--yet another bug that was fixed and re-appeared several times. Upgrading to the latest itunes--already did, uninstall and re-install the 64bit usb drive, but no luck.

Now instead of just copying the files and playing them in my windows media player, I have to copy the files, and by hand, use the Quicktime (Pro) player to go through item by item an EXPORT the video after going into a detailed video track setting and rotate the video. Doing so and just re-saving doesn't work.

2) Another oldie but a goodie that has crept back since ios4. Repeated use of the camera, for dozens of short videos, like at a kids soccer game, ranging from anywhere from 1s to 45s, over the course of 30-60 minutes will lock up the camera to the point I either need to kill it or reset the phone. I think the bug is in the auto-focus software which seems to crash the camera app.

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