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Manipulating the defense with your head, shoulders, knees, and toes

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Good article showing with gifs how elite quarterbacks use techniques such as the "look-off", the "dump", and other subtle body manipulations to get the opposing defense to make mistakes.

Why Russell Wilson is so good:

Wilson is good at manipulating defenders with his eyes and helmet. He'll stare down a route every now and again and this can get him into trouble, but for the most part, he plays with a "calm helmet" (that's a Greg Cosell term), meaning his movements are smooth and as he goes into his drop, he doesn't affect frenetic body language.


It's not just a quarterback's eyes and helmet that can manipulate a defense. Subtle shoulder fakes -- different than full-on pump fakes -- can be enough to get a defense on their toes (or heels). Here's a good example of this.

The tactical dump-off is going to be a huge part of the Seahawks' repertoire in 2015:

Watching Jimmy Graham tape from New Orleans, a big chunk of his catches come from the slot, where he runs simple hitch routes over the middle, ostensibly with the order to "sit down and provide a big target for your quarterback." Graham has a great feel for finding the soft spot in the defense, and he does an excellent job of sealing off defenders even if they're close enough to contest the pass. This will be a big deal with the Seahawks' heavy use of play action as well, and as linebackers suck up to the line to stop the Beast, Graham will be an intermediate target in the middle of the field that Russell Wilson hasn't really had in three years in the pros.