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Snake bites Steve Irwin during interview

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Australians in any crisis: 'You right?'

he's so young!

he barely flinches in the second box when the bite begins.  his face doesn't change at all!!

oh, steve... we miss you!  :(

I miss him so much, but Australia mourns from its soul!

"Steve Irwin's death was Australia's 9-11." -Russell Crowe

Crikey! Did Russell Crowe really save that?

Here's the Steve Irwin rare snake bite source:

I love these Imgurians:

Is nup a nope or a yup?

In Australia they say nup so they can differentiate from the Nopes that their country is covered in.

Excellent point. 

Australia: So full of Nopes!

Steve Irwin stand back john Crikey gif imgur tumblr she's a thick bitch my thumb up your butthole gator whore elevator alligator

Wait, what?!  Go Gators!

Yeah I had wondered about this gif too. Someone is a hater. 

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