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What to Eat If You Want to Live Forever

What to Eat If You Want to Live Forever Motherboard


As with many smaller scientific fields, the most significant hindrance to progress in aging research is the lack of funding and resources, Konovalenko says. Even though there are many grants and awards for the scientific community, aging researchers have a very difficult time raising money for their tests and experiments in traditional ways. Konovalenko is constantly searching for new ways to spread the gospel of aging research and find new ways for her colleagues to fund their work. 

That brings us to The Longevity Cookbook, a collection of recipes and lifestyle recommendations backed by research, which Konovalenko and her colleagues recently raised over $50,000 for on Indiegogo. The goal is to scientifically identify which ingredients have been shown to increase human lifespans, and then create recipes built around those ingredients.

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If you lived forever, procastination would have no end!

In which case maybe it's better not to live forever so we have a sense of urgency. 

That's an hypothesis I'm inclined to agree with.

I'd personally focus on aging well and healthy, keeping a maximum of my prime age physical and intellectual capacities, rather than living forever. : )

I believe that aging well and healthy is a good goal.

The Vice article only mentions two specific foods but it does link to Maria's website:

Are there any specific ingredients that you know will be used?

I can’t mention too many right now, just because we haven’t run full analyses on many of them yet. But I can say that I have never seen any negative research about olive oil.

Avocado doesn’t look bad at all. It’s definitely a little premature to name too many, simply because the research doesn’t exist yet. But by the time the book comes out, we should have a very strong list together. Olive oil and avocado are the only two that I could honestly recommend right now.

What other sorts of information will we find The Longevity Cookbook?

Another major part of the book will go deeper into the scientific side and explain specific studies, looking at things like caloric restriction and various types of dietary restriction. This involves taking out a particular nutrient, like say, amino acids. 

We’ll talk about experiments performed on lab animals as well as some human data. We’ll explain how dietary restriction works and mention the experiments that show how removing a particular item from lab animals’ diets caused them to live longer. 

I’ll be explaining a particular item—mTOR, which is a major pathway for aging. In this section, I will focus on specific foods and substances that inhibit mTOR, like caffeine and olive oil, once we can research and organize the proper literature on it.

Can you elaborate on mTOR and its effects on aging?

It’s too complicated to go fully in-depth, but mTOR is implicated in many different processes in the cell. When active, it makes the cells grow and prevents autophagy, which is cleaning out damaged molecules. Our cells don't need excessive growth when we age, they just need maintenance. Suppressing mTOR pharmacologically using rapamycin has been shown to extend the lifespan in all lab animals it’s been tested on, from yeast to mice.

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