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New Horizons: Spacecraft survives Pluto encounter

New Horizons Spacecraft survives Pluto encounter BBC News


Nasa's administrator Charles Bolden said: "With this mission, we have visited every single planet in the Solar System."

The agency's science chief John Grunsfeld commented: "This is a tremendous moment in human history," adding: "The spacecraft is full of images and we can't wait."

Operations manager Alice Bowman confirmed that New Horizons' solid state recorder should be full of data.

"The expected number of segments on that recorder had been used. That tells us that that data has been collected on the spacecraft," she explained.

The signal received on Wednesday morning contained only engineering data, and was designed to tell controllers whether the flyby sequence had been carried out properly. The first high-resolution pictures from the flyby should be downlinked later on Wednesday.

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That is a glorious infographic. What a glorious day. 

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