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Take Me Out to the Brain Game: Can two entrepreneurs turn neuroscience into Moneyball?

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A 5 minute brain scan can tell you which batters are most likely to make the correct decisions about when to swing at a pitch. Could this revolutionize baseball?

It does seem like the impact on the game could be profound:

Offered such information as to what happens in the mind of a hitter before contact, swings or strides could conceivably be tailored to move quicker or slower, or pre-pitch routines altered to enhance concentration. Brain exercises might be developed to target precisely what an individual batter needs to change. Or, once a player understands what his mind is doing as a pitch approaches, feedback may allow the brain to self-correct the problem on its own, akin to the way meditation helps relieve some chronic health conditions. In theory, that sweet-swinging Bradley player could condition himself to recognize pitches faster and more accurately, enabling him to reach his potential. He might become the next Mike Trout instead of the kid who could not cut it in baseball after high school.

I like this line from Michael Lewis in Moneyball:

Lenny didn’t let his mind screw him up. The physical gifts required to play pro ball were, in some ways, less extraordinary than the mental ones. Only a psychological freak could approach a 100-mph fastball aimed not far from his head with total confidence.

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