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Immigration and Crime – What the Research Says

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The Cato Institute is FAR from a squishy liberal bastion, so when they say immigrants are LESS likely to commit crimes than the native-born... you have to at least consider the possibility.

Yes. I believe it: there's so much effort and energy needed to immigrate that I can see how it would be more appealing to those who want to live by rules of law. 

I think the geographical origin of the people has very little influence on their futures.

In my opinion, what's makes the real difference is where and how you are educated.

Whatever is your origin, if you grow up and are educated in a shithole of misery and violence, chances that you'll become a criminal are logically higher than for an other random human who grew up in a safe place with free and opened education.

Hence the stupidity of racism/xenophobia, and the essentiality of free and opened education.

So it's more the culture than the particular place?

Culture and education, they come with each other.

Not just a feedback loop, but fundamentally interconnected.

Yeah, I was talking of an ideal case (like I might be doing too often), where education and culture are both working together to raise the little humans.

In the best countries like Finland that's certainly the case. 

It's the case in lot of different places I think, but most of the time, it's reserved to the elite.

I see your point. Culture is always affecting education -- both in good ways and in bad ways.

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