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Brewing Guide: Learn To Brew the Best Coffee

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Learn how to match your coffee brewing method to your desired result.

My favorite method is the French Press.  I buy my beans every week or two.  Grind what I need for a single brew right before I use it in a burr grinder and use bottled water.  I highly recommend it.....but, the steampunk vacuum pot looks awesome...If the coffee tastes as cool as it looks, I could be swayed towards a mad scientist coffee setup.

I have this one, which is similar.  It likes a gas stove.  :-)

Nice....much better to use my existing gas stove than invest in whatever fuel the one in the article uses.  If you've had french pressed coffee, how does the taste compare?

I loved French press coffee back in the day but I had a really hard time getting the coffee grounds cleanly out of the pot. You know they clog pipes like sand? And I broke the pots quite a bit. I just go for a single-cup drip now.

Cleaning up the press pot is the worst. I found a square silicon spatula that scoops it out nicely. But you are definitely right. Coffee grounds in the sink are bad news. 

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