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Twitter, Facebook Are the Go-To News Sources for U.S. Adults

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I'm not surprised either, I get more and more of my news from my news feed.  Fortunately FB makes suggestions to expand my horizons.  This also confirms that I'm an adult!

I get almost no news from my news feeds. I guess I'm not alone:

As for stats, Pew found Twitter beats Facebook in important news-engagement categories: 59 percent of Twitter users rely on the micro-blogging platform to follow breaking news, but only 31 percent of Facebookers do the same. Forty-six percent of those who use Twitter say they follow news organizations or journalists’ accounts, but only 28 percent of those who use Facebook say the same thing.

I find myself avoiding news these days. Instead I'm looking for more evergreen content.

evergreen content?

Things that I'm just as likely to want to see again in a year. 

Such as scientific findings. And personal finance tips. And Alexandra Daddario gifs. :)

I was just about to ask...what is evergreen. Btw, I use the term news lightly.  It would be great to get the stashes I follow on my news feed. 

Ah, you mean news, as in new things. 

I tend to think of news as the stuff that happened today, which may or may not be relevant after today. 

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