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How to Make Shrub Syrups aka drinking vinegars

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Now that some members of our community have tricked me into drinking vinegar twice a day anyway, I'm intrigued by the idea of creating more flavorful and diverse ones! These are supposedly extra wonderfully refreshing during the summer.

What does the vinegar do? Act as a preservative?

  1. Add equal parts of sugar and water to a saucepan, and heat and stir until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Add berries or fruit and simmer until the fruit's juice blends well into the syrup.
  3. Let that mixture cool. Strain out the solids.
  4. Add vinegar to the syrup, bottle it all up, and store in the fridge.

I think that these things were the lemonade of back in the day, when lemons were not widely available in the US. For instance I think the _Little House on the Prairie_ books mentioned people drinking water spiked with vinegar in the summer. Pretty sure that the sweet-and-sour flavor helps you drink more water and feel cooler, which is always a good thing!

Most shrub recipes basically just give you a flavored vinegar, but this one uses the vinegar WITH THE MOTHER and requires actual fermentation.

Cool finds! So all of these count toward the fat burning vinegar we've come to know and love?

I dunno... these all have sugar. Might that not undo some of the good of the vinegar?

And another question is whether these drinking vinegars are probiotic.

Fermentation = probiotic.

Well then fermentation sounds like a good thing for these drinking vinegars. 

That fermented vinegar recipe doesn't even make sense. A quart is 4 cups. The recipe calls for 4 packed cups of fruit and herbs, and then almost 2 cups of vinegar?!?!? Since when does 4 + 1.75 = 4 plus enough headroom to shake the jar?!?!

It doesn't. You're right, their maths are bad. 

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