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The connection between fan and inmate behavior - Grantland

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The Internet is still in Stage One; we have loud drunks who feel the need "comment" on everything, but nobody knows what to do about them except to scream back at them, which doesn't really seem to help. They're called "trolls" now. I used to be kind of a troll myself, I think. I have sympathy for them, philosophically, and I haven't shot any of them because they won't let you bring your gun to the ballpark anymore.

I love how this article concludes:

Thirty years ago people expected to go to a baseball game, get drunk, and act stupid; now, no one expects to be able to do that, so the issue doesn't really come up. Crowd control — like prison control and standing up a democracy — is mostly a matter of managing expectations.

Now they just heckle. :-)

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