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Ronda Rousey: The World's Most Dangerous Woman

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Everything in Ronda Rousey's life -- good (mom was a judo champion), bad (dad killed himself), and weird (she is terrified of cameltoe) -- seems to have combined to make her perhaps the most dominant fighter in the world right now. But according to this story, it was a period of deep loserness after winning a bronze medal at the Olympics -- living in her car, smoking weed and drinking too much, working the night shift at a 24 Hour Fitness -- that drove her to seek greatness at just the right moment for her sport.

Plus she gets bonus points for the She's All That reference!

Regarding makeup, there's a number of reasons why she doesn't wear it. Firstly, her mom never wore it, and until recently, what with her media appearances and all, she thought it was stupid too. Also, she says, "I don't feel the need to be the hot chick every second of the day." And finally, she says, "I like to be able to surprise people when I turn it on. I want it to be like the movie She's All That, when they unveil her. I mean, if you try all the time, there's no unveiling: The veil has already dropped, and that's who the fuck you are, and I still want the veil." She pauses, gooses the gas, switches lanes with hardly a look. "And, you know, being hard to figure out helps keep people interested."

Ronda Rousey is also ridiculously competitive.

Like everyone else, however, it wasn't just Rousey's fight skills that caught White's attention. "She's beautiful, intelligent and very pro-women, which I respect," he says. "And she is psychotically competitive." Which is true. Take the book tour for her new autobiography, My Fight/Your Fight. She'd been dreading it, until she read some report about Kim Kardashian's crazy new book tour and suddenly changed her mind: "I was like, 'Hell, no! I need mine to be crazier than that! Mine's going to be the best book tour that ever happened! Kim Kardashian, I will beat your book tour!' "


But then, of course, there's always the next fight and the next opponent to hate, and hate them she will, because that's how she wins, and she will do anything to win. "I love heights, love bugs, loved to dig up earthworms, like snakes and slimy things, jumping off things, fire," she says. "I'm fine with all of it, always thought I'd be great on Fear Factor, because I'd eat that goat dick just like that. It's the thought of failing. That is my one and only big fear."

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