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Airbnb is #2 of the 9 Best Startup Pitch Decks of All Time, by Onboardly

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My favorite is 2. Airbnb

Short and to the point, Airbnb's pitch deck skips the fluff and packs a punch. 

Our favorite takeaway for startups: Everything an investor needs to know is within 10 snappy slides.

Yes, but note that this is not the original deck they got funded with.

This deck is after they had 10 million nights booked. 

That's a good point, Adam. I'm working on something that's at the seed stage and that discrepancy escaped me until you mentioned it. And that makes Airbnb's deck and my deck apples and oranges. 

Good lookin' out.

Thanks, that's a good list. Alas, my problem is not presenting but rather getting in front of the right audience. I never understood how some founders are able to line up 10-15 meetings per week with VCs. THAT is the nut I'm trying to crack.  

Almost no one does. I know that's common advice but it's next to impossible.

It's hard enough to get TWO meetings in a week.

Thank you. I'm sitting here thinking I'm doing something wrong. I suspected there was a fair bit of exaggeration. It's nice to have it confirmed. 

There's a lot of exaggeration because almost everyone has their game face on.

Which incentivizes them to make themselves look more successful than they actually are. 

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