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Bunny sleeping on a fox

bunny sleeping on a fox pic photo meme cute imgur tumblr

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From tweet @BabyAnimalPics

1. There's a babyanimalpics Twitter?!

2. Isn't that baby bunny in danger there???

3. Which one is dead?

Neither, I think. Darn it would be useful to have the context for this pic!

4.  What if it's taxidermy?

Geege, you win. The pic is from 3 years ago from artist Max Kimber and... they ded.

Imgur comments:

Reddit comments:


That took a dark turn.

Oh yes. Unfortunately. 

I knew it!

My predator instinct felt it...

Yes, you were right. 

The artist Max Kimberly removed it from her website:

As Geege showed, this image continues to spread around the Internet because they're cute.

At least one Redditor wants it moved from the Aww to the WTF subreddit.

Thanks Reddit!  Another bunny, napping in a tree.

bunny napping in tree imgur

Boy, that escalated quickly.

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