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4 Reasons to Learn to Repair Your Own Furniture

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Reasons 2 and 3 are the best.

Reason #2: Impress Your Loved Ones

One of the coolest things about repairing your own furniture is that your lady will swoon. When your skills, knowledge, and dependability set you apart from other dudes it shows your wife and kids how a real man takes care of the stuff he’s responsible for. Be that guy. Seriously, competence in this area will do more for your relationship than all the sappy poetry you place in all your flower bouquets combined.

Reason #3: Plan for Permanence, Not Obsolescence

The planned obsolescence of today’s consumerism is a tragedy. Not only is it wasteful for our furniture to become disposable after only a few years, but even worse, it strips men of the opportunity to develop manual dexterity. When nothing is repairable anymore, there is no reason to learn to work with our hands. Let’s rebel against insatiable consumerism. Investing in well-made pieces enables you to keep furniture of integrity your entire life. Besides, when your time is up, your kids will have something special to inherit.

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