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Close-up on Pierre Huyghe’s Untilled and a Q&A with Beekeeper Andrew Coté

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A new sculpture at MOMA at includes a real, sculptural beehive. Amazing interview with the 4th generation beekeeper in NYC who installed the bees.

I have never seen bees incorporated into art before.

What do you think people should know about bees and what are the most common misconceptions?

People should know that even if this beehive was not gracing the Sculpture Garden, there are currently 258 types of apis (bees) flying around New York City right now (and that does not include the vespa (wasps). So, they live among us now, have been here longer than we have, and without them we would have significantly less pollination. Speaking of honeybees (Apis mellifera), they are docile, not at all interested in stinging or harming anyone (if a bee approaches you, just calmly walk away, without flailing your arms or screaming), and are only interested in the pursuit of nectar, pollen, and water. Knowing that without the labor of the honeybee we would be in dire straights with our food supply is one way that we can appreciate these misunderstood yet sorely needed creatures.

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