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My dogs decided to bring this monstrosity to the front door : WTF

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The comments on this have some pretty funny stories : Man, that brings back some memories. I had dogs who would bring back road kill to the front door. Many the time I opened the door to rotten deer or wombats. Naturally, the worst one ever they brought back was when I was in the throes of morning sickness and in a hurry. They ditched this rotting wombat body in the drive so I had to move it before I could get the car out. When I went to drag it off the drive, its head fell off, releasing all manner of disgusting aromas. And thus, puke was added to the revolting mess. Bloody dogs!

In the dog's mind, s/he is giving you a wonderful gift.

In our minds, we could use a little less of that kind of thoughtfulness. :)

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