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Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments gif

oddly satisfying Disney moment gif imgur lilo and stitch exact oven sized square cake

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oddly satisfying Snow White crust trimming gif imgur tumblr

oddly satisfying Pocahontas hair braid gif imgur tumblr Disney raccoon miko

oddly satisfying Disney Frozen ice gif imgur tumblr

oddly satisfying toy story Woody paint shoe sole gif imgur tumblr

oddly satisfying Disney Cinderella glass shoe gif imgur tumblr

i remember this one from childhood. it was my favorite movie, hands down.

every time i wondered: will it fit?!

and every time i thought: awww yissss!!

but this gif misses the final moment when it hooks over her heel!

still the best 90 seconds disney ever made:

Wow, Emily, I had forgotten that part! It is magical!

oddly satisfying Disney Mickey and the beanstalk slicing bread gif imgur tumblr

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