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Vinyl Obsessed DJ Duo Chances With Wolves Built A Brand On Great Taste In A Brave, New, Indie Music World

How A Vinyl-Obsessed DJ Duo Built A Brand On Great Taste In A Brave, New, Indie Music World

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They NEVER repeat a song!

On Discovery:

Spotify also just announced Discover Weekly, which it describes as a "weekly mixtape of fresh music." Every Monday, Spotify will offer two-hours of personalized music recommendations to users, based on what similar fans are enjoying. (It takes time for Spotify to understand an individual’s taste, so it take several weeks for new users to get their first Discover Weekly playlist.) Much like Pandora, these efforts to expose audiences to new, lesser-known artists is a way to offer value to musicians in the midst of criticism about how little Spotify pays in royalties. Taylor Swift, for instance, famously withdrew her music from Spotify last year in protest of how little musicians are able to make on the platform, which is as little as $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream.

While Pandora and Spotify work very hard on their music discovery systems, part of their goal is to make finding new music feel serendipitous to the listener, to capture part of the magic that music fans experienced when they found a new band before the digital era. "This is the migration of that experience from the record shop to a great playlist online," Savoca says. "That sense of ownership is very important to listeners. They want to feel that they stumbled into this music and that they brought it to themselves."

Great find!  I like their eclectic taste :)

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