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John McAfee: New York Stock Exchange was knocked offline by hackers linked to Anonymous

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This from the guy fleeing the country out of paranoia.  Who knows...


At around the same time that the NYSE went down, the Wall Street Journal's website went offline, as did that of popular financial blog Zero Hedge. United Airlines also experienced a "network connectivity issue" which impacted almost 5,000 flights worldwide.

If these events were truly random and independent, then the frequency of all three of these events happening on the same day is once in a billion days (or if you prefer to count in years, almost 2.8 million years).


The past few months of high-impact global cyberattacks (OPM, AFF, Homeland Security, Japan Pension System, etc) have clearly shown us that a massive problem exists.

We are in a rapidly expanding crisis and we cannot afford to be buried by well-meaning but dangerously unknowledgeable decision makers


I need to note at this point that the hacker community, by-and-large has a positive influence on society.

White hat hackers have proven indispensable in testing and locating holes in our cybersecurity structures and they are the first to warn us of potential problems (though we in most cases do not listen to them).

They are our soldiers in this cyberwar and they are our front line defence as well as our rear guard. Do not let the actions of a few black hat hackers turn you against the only defence that we currently have.

Well, that's not good.

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