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Mist Opportunities: Is the fog a source of drought relief?

Mist Opportunity | News | North Bay Bohemian

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Fog catchers in foggy parts of the world have proven to be a reliable source of water.

On the high, fog-shrouded Atacama Desert of Chile, fog catchers are deployed to irrigate barren land so natives can grow crops. The Chilean fog catchers harvest enough water to operate a brewery called Atrapaniebla—which translates into "Fog Catcher." Unfortunately, the amount of beer produced is limited to 6,000 gallons a year because of chronic water shortages in Chile.

Omg, this is so much what the Fremens do in Dune (1965) by Frank Herbert.

It is?! Cool!

Have you read it?

A very long time ago. Long enough ago that I had forgotten that detail.

If I remember well it's inside where they live between the rocks, they have set up huge shits in between the walls to capture the humidity from the air.

Yeah, that sounds vaguely familiar. You have a good memory!

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