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Chinese woman swallowed by escalator dies but saves son

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A woman was crushed to death on Sunday after falling through a floor panel at the top of an escalator in a department store in central China.

The woman, aged 30, was carrying her toddler son up the escalator in the store in Hubei province when the floor at the top gave way under her feet.

According to the Wuhan Evening News, a local paper, maintenance work had been carried out on the escalator at the Anliang shopping mall in Jingzhou, but workers had allegedly forgotten to secure the panel back in place.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sad... 

Yeah, this is terrible, Waylan. Poor woman. Why did you want to save this?

As a reminder of how dangerous escalators are?

I have been seeing instances of quite unjust incidents against people, normal people.  I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't have.  Maybe it's a kneejerk reflex to 'collect' articles now.  And if so, maybe 'Tragedy' is a never ending hole to have begun.  But ultimately I know they're reminders to me of negligence or foulplay, or ineptitude.  At least in this case it has galvanized the public into wide criticism of businesses and companies who let these things happen.

Maybe it's better instead to do what you do and create threads where you're adding more links to a single theme, than what I do which is piecemeal, every article has its own stash.  

is there actually a way to remove/untag from a stash

Personally, I prefer that style of adding more links to a single theme. Makes for more interesting pages.

To remove from a stash, go to the stash page and unclick "In this stash".

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